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Welcome to Aarhus Geophysics

Aarhus Geophysics is a Danish-based geophysical consulting company operating worldwide with strong emphasis towards R&D.

Aarhus Geophysics is a group of international consultants in the field of geophysics, specializing in airborne EM and potential fields methods, including geophysical modelling, inversion and interpretation.

Aarhus Geophysics is providing expertiese in geophysical modelling and inversion and interpretation of the results for mining, oil and gas, groundwater and geotechnical applications.

Our aim is to integrate all steps in the geophysical workflow from raw data, processing and inversion, to visualisaton of large geophysical data sets, for achieving quantitative results that can be relied upon, which form the basis for sound planning or management of resources of different kinds. We have years of academic and commercial experience in processing and inversion for high-precision output, especially regarding hydrogeophysical and airborne EM surveys.

A paper on Airborne IP has been just published on the last issue of Exploration Geophysics. It provides a clear and extensive overview of detectable AIP effects in the data space by using various metrics.

New seminal paper on AIP has just been published on Journal of Applied Geophysics, providing fresh insights into the mechanisms of AIP and some unexpected consequences. Come to our booth at PDAC to get a copy

AEM 2018

As every year we'll participate to the main worldwide mining event in Toronto: PDAC Visit our booth #1449, so that to be updated about our last steps ahead on advanced AEM data processing