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We offer variety of services to our clients involved with mining sector. We have vast experience in interpretation of geophysical data collected for gold, diamonds, base metals, uranium, nickel, iron ore and other commodities exploration programs.

Our key specialization is inversion and interpretation of airborne EM data, but we are capable of inverting potential field data, ground data, as well as plate modelling and drill target selection.

One of our main advantages is capability of extracting IP information from airborne data. Airborne IPhas become increasingly interesting within the mining geophysical community, especially with increased dipole moment of new airborne TDEM systems and lower signal to noise ratio. We are World’s leaders in multiparametric (Cole-Cole) inversion of TDEM data with simultaneous extraction of 4 parameters.

Up to date we have completed more successful commercial “airborne IP” interpretation projects, than any other geophysical consultant or contractor. Please follow our publications section for updates on our research in the field of airborne IP.