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Aarhus Geophysics is happy to announce its participation in PDAC 2018 which is held in Toronto, at Metro Convention Centre March 1 - 4, 2020. 

PDAC International Convention, Trade Show & Investors Exchange is the world’s leading Convention for people, companies and organizations in, or connected with, mineral exploration. In addition to meeting over 900 exhibitors and 22,000 attendees from 125 countries, you can also attend technical sessions, short courses and networking events. 

As every year we'll participate in this worldwide mining event in Toronto. Visit our booth #1449, so that to be updated about our last steps ahead on advanced AEM data processing


Also, a new seminal paper on AIP has just been published on Journal of Applied Geophysics. It provides fresh insight into the mechanisms of AIP and some unexpected consequences, relevant to all applications of AEM. Come to our booth at PDAC to get a copy and discuss what this means for your exploration.




A paper on Airborne IP has been just published on the last issue of Exploration Geophysics. It provides a clear and extensive overview of detectable AIP effects in the data space by using various metrics (e.g. sum of negative voltages, exponential fitting). AIP effects can occur more often than previously thought and should not be discarded a-priori from any AEM survey.



The last issue of Exploration Geophysics has published a new paper on dealing with the possibility of merging different AEM datasets, collected with different systems and during different time periods: Adding value to the existing data by using our advanced processing algorithms

During the recent AGU-SEG Airborne Workshop in Florida, Andrea Viezzoli gave two talks, dealing with advanced modeling and hydrogeological interpretation, and Airborne IP. You can see the presentation here:


Andrea Viezzoli will present the talk "Some insight from AEM applications in European Union" on 14th in Sydney and on 15th in Canberra, within the ASEG events calendar




We are happy to inform you that Aarhus Geophysics will be present at SAGA in Durban in October
Come and visit us at our booth, and make sure you do not miss out on our keynote presentation. More info to come once we the program becomes available.




We are happy to inform you that Aarhus Geophysics will be present at AEGC in Perth in September
Come and visit us at our booth, and make sure you do not miss out on our presentation on AIP in VTEM data on 5th September at 11:30. 

The AEGC is the largest petroleum and mineral geoscience conference in Australasia, and incorporates the West Australian Basin Symposium (WABS) and the ASEG-PESA International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition.

The event will be jointly hosted by the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG), Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG), and Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA).

The theme for the 2019 conference is “Data to Discovery”. The AEGC technical program committee has a focus on Geology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry and how these are applied in exploration for both Petroleum and Mineral systems in Australasia and the wider Asia-Pacific region. The conference has major sub-themes encompassing but not limited to:





Aarhus Geophysics will participate at the AGU-SEG Airborne Geophysics Workshop (11-13 June, Davie, Florida, US).


We are presenting 4 talks that will showcase our advancements in data processing.

Reduction of Ambiguity in Modelling and Hydrogeological Interpretation of Airborne EM Data in Complex Coastal Environment
Airborne geophysical characterization of critical zone structure in a mountain headwater system, upper East River, Colorado
INFACT's Airborne Geophysical Campaign in Geyer, Germany
Inferring peat thickness in Indonesian Peatlands using Airborne Electromagnetic methods


See you in Florida !





Aarhus Geophysics has been featured in the Northern Miner's new Exploration Trends and Developments with respect to advance processing, inversion, and modeling of AEM data.  Please follow the link to see more on page 11.




Europe is about to become more attractive for the exploration of minerals. In the framework of the EU-funded INFACT project, partners drawn from research and industry are developing innovative, non-invasive exploration technologies and will test them under realistic conditions. The project aims at developing technologies that are more acceptable to society and that will invigorate and equip the exploration industry, unlocking unrealized potential in new and mature areas. For this purpose, three European reference areas are being established in Germany (Geyer), Finland (Sakatti) and Spain (Minas de Ríotinto, Gerena).


For more information about the project, visit


Aarhus Geophysics are happy to announce our participation at PDAC 2019. Please visit us at booth 7206N, in the North building to hear about our approach to Airborne geophysics. There will be plenty of AIP to discuss. For those of you attending Geotech's Explorer’s Experience Symposium on March 5th, Leila Ajjabou, from HZDR Helmholz Institute Freiberg, will be showing some of our work during the Luncheon Speech – "INFACT Project: The role of airborne geophysics for non-invasive and acceptable exploration".



Aarhus Geophysics are happy to invite you to attend our upcoming talks at EAGE Nearsurface in Porto, which will take place between September 8 and September 12  

Dr. Vlad Kaminski will present on Monday 10th September at 11:50, the Sunnyside deposit case-study in the "Best of ENGGEO" session (awarded talks presented at the Kazahstan EAGE Conference in April) 

Arianna Rapiti will talk on Tuesday 11th September at 9:20, at the "Airborne Geophysics - Environmental Geophysics, Pollution and Geohazard Studies" session with an oral paper titled: "Geological modeling implications - Different inversion strategies from AEM data" 

There will be an opportunity to appraise our steps in comparing different AEM systems and different ways of inverting data, hence to get an updated view of our capabilities in advanced processing.


Aarhus Geophysics is happy to participate and contribute to the upcomingAEM '18 conference in Denmark.

The majority of the world experts in Airborne EM gather for this once-every-5-years event. They will showcase and share 5 years of developments and experiences in the field, and set future trends. Come and see us at our booth and do not miss the several presentationswe lead or co-authored.