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Andrea Viezzoli, Ph.D., Principal Geophysicist.

CV: M.Sc. in Physics (Bologna University), Ph.D. in Geophysics (Monash University), postdoc at the Hydrogeophysics group of Aarhus University. Director of Aarhus Geophysics since 2009. Andrea is coauthor of numerous publications on peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings on Airborne EM, especially for groundwater applications. Reviewer for several scientific journals in the field, invited keynote speaker on hydrogeophysics at international conferences, contributor to white paper on AEM for groundwater mapping.

Skills and industry experience: Over the last 10+ years, Andrea has contributed at scientific and industry level to the development of the field from data processing to inversion, data integration and interpretation. He has numerical and modelling skills, an appreciation for data quality, accuracy, precision and calibration. Andrea has either carried, or supervised and managed numerous projects of AEM data processing, inversion and modelling for both industry and government in different countries, including Australia. He also participated in publicly funded research projects with similar roles. His experience and skills are a perfect match for the processing, inversion and data integration (e.g. integration of new and old data/models from the older AEM surveys included within the model boundary) part of this request to quote. 


Antonio Menghini, M.Sc.

CV: Antonio received a degree in Geological Sciences from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy in 1989. He is currently employed by Aarhus Geophysics Aps, as an expert geophysicist in the processing of Airborne EM data. He worked previously as a free-lance geophysicist using EM, Electrical, Magnetic and Refraction Seismic methods. During the period 2006-2009 he worked as consultant for Rocksource and Nordic Mining, companies involved in energy and mining exploration, for the application of onshore EM methods, by means of feasibility studies and field testing. He was a lecturer of Applied Geophysics to the Sedimentary Successions in the University “Gabriele D’Annunzio” of Chieti (Italy), during the 2008-2009 Academic Year. He has participated in numerous international projects. He is currently a member of ASEG, SEG, EAGE, EEGS and Associate Editor of the Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, as expert on EM and Electrical methods.

Skills and industry experience: Antonio is an expert processor and modeller of ground and airborne TEM and HEM data, specializing in geological and hydrogeological interpretation for different applications integrating AEM with existing geological data, boreholes, logs and other geophysical results (mag, seismics, grav).


Vlad Kaminski, Ph.D., P.Geo.

CV: Registered Professional Geoscientist in British Columbia. M.Sc. from Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia). Ph.D. from University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, USA). In the past: Senior Geophysicist at Geotech, Ltd (Aurora, Canada); postdoctoral fellow at University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada), consultant for various mining companies internationally. Currently: Senior Geophysicist at Aarhus Geophysics (Pisa, Italy). Vlad is co-author of several publications in peer reviewed journals and more than 20 conference proceedings on Airborne EM, including mining, environmental and geotechnical applications. Vlad is a reviewer for several scientific journals in the field.

Skills and industry experience: Vlad has over 18 years of experience in both industry and academia. He has vast experience in mining and groundwater applications of airborne geophysics, including past affiliations with mineral exploration projects (VMS, gold and diamonds), geophysical contractors (CGG and Geotech), as well as with the Water and Energy Team (US Department of Energy). In addition, Vlad has extensive experience in geophysical inversion and modelling, including his past affiliation with the University of British Columbia Geophysical Inversion Facility (UBC-GIF). Vlad has peer-reviewed publications on the subjects in international journals, he also participates as a reviewer in several journals in the field of geophysics.


Dr. Domenico Di Massa (Consultant)

CV: Domenico is a recent graduate of University of Naples Federico II with a M.Sc. degree in Applied Geophysics and a Ph.D. degree in Earth Sciences. Domenico has experience with geophysical consulting, including mining and energy sectors. He is a co-author of several peer-reviewed publications and expanded abstracts in the field of geophysics.

Skills and industry experience: Domenico has vast experience in modelling and inversion of geophysical data, including airborne EM and potential field data. He is proficient with Matlab, Geosoft and a number of other geophysical and GIS software. He has field experience, including ground gravimetry and magnetometry His additional qualifications include a degree in energy and environmental economics and management (for companies operating in energy and environment sector).